Responsive blog layout with full-width images and offset quotes

  • by Amando Abreu
  • on 11 August 2016
  • Beautifully responsive
  • Menu slides in from the left
  • Top menu bar turns transparent when scrolling(to get out of the way for reading) and reappears when the mouse moved and you scroll up
  • Full width images for heavy visual content focus
  • Offset quotes to look cool and modern and stuff
  • Burger menu turns into X
  • Minimal JavaScript
  • Text body is on the narrow side for readability
  • Full SCSS

See the Pen Simple layout with menu and search by Amando Abreu (@amando96) on CodePen.

About the author

Amando Abreu is a serial entrepreneur, Fractional CTO, and engineer who has been involved in several startups and launched dozens of products. He has worked with companies such as trivago, Portugal Telecom, and Vizrt. He has experience in several industries, most notably e-commerce, SaaS, media, travel, insurance, property development, and construction.
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