• by Amando Abreu
  • on 10 April 2010
  • Actuators / output devices: Tamiya dual gearbox
  • CPU: atmega128 - motoruino
  • Power source: 4xAA for motors, 9v for circuitry
  • Programming language: Arduino C, ASM.
  • Sensors / input devices: Sharp short range IR proximity detector
  • Target environment: indoors

My latest robot.

the time it took me is really measured in days, just finding a decently priced plexiglas provider was very hard.

but assembling, testing, coding etc, shouldn’t have gone over 5 hours

Well, about the name, it’s a mix of round, and circle, i thought about naming it ‘‘rutgers’’ after some man who came up with the circle theory…

Circle theory:

Originates from Rutgers Camden. States that men are fixated on certain things because of their roundness. This encompasses, breasts, all manner of sport balls, bald heads, streetlights. The circle theory states that men in history and entertainment who want to dominate the world have this desire because it is round.


Using printer paper feeder wheels for locomotion, and a small rubber wheel from a tape recorder at the back, to keep it from doing wheelies, and damaging the plexiglas.

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