The world of fake coursera certificates

  • by Amando Abreu
  • on 13 May 2020

Coursera is an online platform that allows you to study and get certified on a variety of topics. It’s what’s called a “MOOC” or Massive Open Online Courses platform.

I ran into a service in the darkweb offering verifiable coursera certificates for a fee.(they 100% look like they came from coursera, and you an even verify their authenticity) prices started from $10.

Fake Verifiable Coursera Certificates

I like a good security vulnerability as much as the next guy, so I got curious. Is this due to a vulnerability? If so, I’m gonna try to get the guy to fess up, and then I’ll simply report it to coursera and my good deed for the day is done.

I add him on skype.

Me: “Hey, I’m here for the coursera certificates”

Him: “Hey. Yes. I can give you all the premium courses, Google IT, CISCO Networking, Python, etc”

Me: “Can I get an example to see if it’s verifiable?”


I look up the name on the certificate on Linkedin, lo-and behold:

Coursera ensures that all certificates earned are secure, carry identity verification and have academic integrity.

They might need to do a better job, and AFAIK they are making some courses harder to cheat than others.

The importance of a certificate is inversely proportional to the ease of cheating on it.

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Amando Abreu got into electronics as a kid, started programming microchips in his early teens, moved onto web development in his late teens, and got into people; psychology; and business in his twenties. Currently co-founder & CTO @
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