Moonwalking with Einstein

  • Author: Joshua Foer
  • by Amando Abreu

How can someone memorize a string of 1000 random digits in one hour, and recite them perfectly? Or the order of 2 shuffled decks of cards in less than 2 minutes? Do they have out of the ordinary brains, or are they using techniques that anyone can learn? Or what even IS a memory?

This book shows you those techniques, you don’t need an extraordinary brain, even if you forget your car keys or why you opened the refrigerator, you could train your mind to remember huge amounts of information faster than the typical techniques, and longer lasting.

Mega TL;DR;

Memory Palace

There is a memory technique called “memory palace” that allows regular people to remember huge amounts of information and the following explains how it works.

A Memory Palace is an imaginary location in your mind where you can store mnemonic images. The most common type of memory palace involves making a journey through a place you know well, like a building or town. Along that journey there are specific locations that you always visit in the same order. The location are called loci, which is Latin for locations.

For a straight-to-the-point on how to use the technique:

Alternatively, a video:


About the author

Amando Abreu is a serial entrepreneur, Fractional CTO, and engineer who has been involved in several startups and launched dozens of products. He has worked with companies such as trivago, Portugal Telecom, and Vizrt. He has experience in several industries, most notably e-commerce, SaaS, media, travel, insurance, property development, and construction.
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