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  • by Amando Abreu
  • on 10 January 2021


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When you need to mass message people on Linkedin, you probably have 99% of the message you want to send in your clipboard, and you just need to manually type “Hey [name]”, it takes on average 5 seconds to write this if you pay attention to what you’re writing, and it’s too error prone not to pay attention.

You get:

- Complicated names

- Foreign names with foreign characters

- Names that are similar to other names

Half the messages I get call me “Armando” because someone wasn’t paying attention.

Which messages do you think I read more of? The ones who get my name right or the ones who don’t?

In comes LinkedinHey, a browser extension that autofills a greeting into the message field on Linkedin.

It automatically fills the message box with “Hey [name]”, and you can simply paste the message you want to send. This means you don’t need to type at all. Just click the “Write a message…” area to autofill, and paste whatever you want to send.

If you’re messaging 350 people per week, this saves you 5 x 350 = 1750 seconds, or about 30 minutes. How much is 30 minutes worth?

You can use this extra time to message more people or to do other tasks such as adding contacts to your CRM.

This page is just general documentation. You can install the extension via the webstore link:

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Amando Abreu is a serial entrepreneur, Fractional CTO, and engineer who has been involved in several startups and launched dozens of products. He has worked with companies such as trivago, Portugal Telecom, and Vizrt. He has experience in several industries, most notably e-commerce, SaaS, media, travel, insurance, property development, and construction.
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